Android takes over BlackBerry, leaves no prisoner!

Android killed blackberry

Investment research firm ITG has been investigating the sales figures from Verizon Wireless and it has come up with a pretty interesting find:

If you create a graph with brown, orange and dark yellow colors – no one will be able to read it.

But, if you take a closer look, you will find that it's hard to miss RIM's huge drop while LG, and Samsung enjoy a nice climb… or is it HTC… oh wait, no, it's Motorola…

According to the research, in October of 2009, BlackBerrys accounted for 93% of Verizon Wireless’ smartphone sales. Just over one year later, in November of 2010, Android accounted for 80% of Verizon Wireless’ smartphone sales and BlackBerry’s share comes in at under 20%.



Read more in here.

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I am not very surprised that the Android is selling so well, but I am shocked that the Android accounted for 80% of Verizon Wireless’ smartphone in just one year. This proves the Android is way more popular than the Blackberry.
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I'm not surprised. Android is the most open platform today and Blackberry makes net today on its tablets, Playbook to be exact.
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Wow the android did own blackberrys. I'm kind of sad to hear the android is doing so well because a worker said that verizon doesn't want a contract with apple. Due to the success that the android is bringing in verizon feels it can do without the i phone.
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Looking at the number of mobile phones being launched on Android OS it was very clear that soon its going to be the number 1 mobile OS in the market. I think 2011 is the year of Android. I think being an open source OS is a huge advantage for Android.
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