How to build a mobile web app that looks and feels like a native one?

10 platforms that will help you design a mobile web application that acts and looks like a native iPhone/Android application:

One of the topics that excite me these days is how html5 is becoming a leading technology when it comes to developing advanced mobile web applications, that can work seamlessly online and offline, provide rich user experience and of course work perfectly on iOS, Android, BlackBerry etc.

Read more about it in here:

Must See Html5 Samples – Check It Out
Html5 – The Only True Cross Platform Technology for Mobile Devices

SEncha-Touch  iWebKit  jquerymobile

I recently received a link to a collection of different development platforms for creating advanced web apps using html5 (thanks for sending it over Yaron!). It includes the known ones like iWebKit, and iUI, that help you develop and iOS style user interface, but it also includes some new stuff like the jQuery Mobile, and Sencha Touch which is the first html5/java script framework.

Head over to this page and get more information about those development platforms that will help you build a mobile web app that looks and feels like a native one


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