How To Track Down New Windows Phone 7 Apps Without Accessing The MarketPlace

WP7 Applist

I was just browsing through the net when I found a great site tracking all the marketplace activities, providing information about the new applications which are added to Windows Phone 7.

The site is called WP7Applist and it can be found in here:

Here's what it had to say while I was enjoying browsing through the latest WP7 apps:

"Currently tracking 3501 apps.
28% of them are available for FREE; average price is $1.46.
You can purchase 98.6% apps on the Marketplace for less than $5, 95.1% for less than $3. The most common price-tag is $0.99.
89 apps are updated on average each day. In the last 24 hours, 73 apps were updated and 45 were added."

Not bad, isn't it? If you are thinking of getting a Windows Phone 7 smartphone – keep that link (and while doing so – follow us on twitter to show us some love!


Hey thanks for the link to WP7Applist. I'm buying myself a Windows Phone 7 smartphone next weekend and I will be looking for cheap or free apps. So I will be saving this link and putting it to use in about a week from now. Should save me a lot of time thanks a lot.