iPhone, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Which One Is The Prettiest?


Since most of the mobile platform today give pretty much the same kind of features, the debate between the different OS fans always goes to openness of the platform (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know… Android wins, yada yada yada), application range (5000000 > 2700000) and of course: UI and usability.

I'm holing an Android phone in my right hand and an iPhone in my left hand. Forgive me all of you Android fans out there – the iPhone wins in all the UI categories besides the widgets. Look & feel, innovation (do not forget what was the source of all of today's great mobile designs), typing speed, finger gestures, fonts, images quality, everything, (OK, besides widgets. Already said that…)

But, what about Windows Phone 7? Unfortunately I haven't been able to get one just yet, (but I'm going to - very soon! yearrrrrr), but from what I see and hear – Microsoft managed to finally come up with something "different".

Finally, not just shortcuts icons, finally a UI that cuts down text, images, in a weird fascinating way.

Here's a nice UI comparison between the IMDB application for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7. As you can see, the iPhone/Android ones are pretty similar, but the Windows Phone 7 one is surprisingly different.

Let's start with the iPhone: nice overall design, pretty standard, but as usual – convenient and nice looking.


Let's proceed with the Android version:

Very similar to the iPhone one, as usual, the gray combo-boxes are a bit annoying, but other than that – good standard design.

 imdb5 (1) IMDB-showtimes (1)

And now, check out the Windows Phone 7 one, exactly like a WP7 app should look like: with a panorama view, a lot of text (cut down to the size of the screen), many colors – beautiful!


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And a bonus for the oldies (excuse me windows mobile users…), check out how lovely the Windows Mobile app looks like – indeed a nice surprise.


Just for the sake of comparison, how about BlackBerry and Palm's webOS? Both of them are web based apps (web sites optimized for mobile):


The winner, based on my (very) professional and (completely subjective) perfect (and humble) taste is the Windows Phone 7 application – the design is simply stunning.

Would you agree?


Ori Harel said…
Well, from the screenshots only, I say you're right. but pretty is not enough for me. I need a real experience in order to judge.
I have an HTC Wildfire and even though it is the minimum from an HTC Device, it is very good in browsing websites and very fast. I choose HTC because I have tested it and I am sure for what it can do.
Anonymous said…
I agree that the WP7 is the prettiest.
Can't wait for my contract to end so I can upgrade to the HD7!!!
I’d like to go with iPhone because there are lots of interesting and useful applications in App store. I am using iPhone 4 and am really happy with it.
ShadowRunner said…
Actually android wins in the UI department because you can change it simply by adding a new home skin.