Must See Html5 Samples – Check It Out

Few weeks back, I wrote about how Html5 is slowly (but surely) becoming the only true cross platform technology, therefore becoming a significant player in mobility, supported by iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and other leading mobile platforms, providing advanced user interface, offline capabilities and rich media/videos.

Today I would like to introduce to you some great sample sites using Html5 technologies (canvas drawing, videos, animations and more) which I found at makeuseof, they really show the strengths of html5 in terms of visual effects, user interface, media and more.

As someone who's developing using the database/offline capabilities of Html5 for mobile devices, I can tell you that it's pretty much amazing that all of this can run on practically any "modern" device even while offline.

Check it out:

Radiohead/HTML5 Mashup


What's better than a great mashup including Radiohead’s greatest song ever Idioteque with some drawing of Thom Yorke which is drawn as the song progresses. This is a "must see" page, open it with sound, in Chrome, but make sure other open pages do not include youtube videos etc. otherwise it will show an error.


20 Things I Learned About Browsers And The Web

This one demos a “book” styled approach to a description about how web browsers work and how many of the underlying technologies work.

I didn't really read it but the visual effects are nice.

Video Effects


HTML5 allows you to to much with video on the web. In addition to letting you play it without your web browser, with no plugin, it allows you to manipulate that video. This demo shows how you can “Blow up” the pixels of a video while playing:

Check out many additional samples in here.


ppscslv said…
very interesting, especially the part with video effects.
Gil - Html5 technologies is definitely some groundbreaking stuff. I didn't really know how impressive this technology was until I checked out a couple of your sample sites. I wonder if they can implement this same technology in the video game industry, now that would be nice.
You have really nice Blog here and I am saving it in my favorite list. Keep posting similar stuff.
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