Must see iPad parody

Well, not sure if I'm the last person on earth to see that one, but just in case you haven't seen it as well – check out this funny video.

And while we are talking, here's another funny one:

This one actually reminds me of my own line of iProducts featuring different sizes of iPod Touch devices, including the iRing:



That first video was too funny. I love how at the end of the video they put a $79 pencil on the table and call it the iPencil HB. What's wrong with that guys eyes though, that was a little creepy.
I like the first video more. Nice music and the idea. And I think the idea is not so far from reality. Computers, tablets... they all substitute thing we used to do on paper, don't they? But the second one.. I fins it a bit stupid. That's my opinion.