New Google Maps, New Android Market and more

Google is going insane over the last few weeks.
Not only they announced the release of Gingerbread, a new Nexus S phone, Chrome OS beta and Google eBooks - they now roll out some special treats to android users out there.

First, a whole new Android Market (version 2.2). this new version is mainly a new UI experience. you get some more screenshots for each app, a better landscape support and includes the already-released "Related" tab to find other similar apps.

Second - Google Maps 5. This is a major update the includes:
1. Caching of maps to allow offline usage and navigation
2. Faster rendering (thanks to the use of vectors rather then tiles)
3. 3D display and buildings

The deployment of these new updates is done gradually so if you're not updated yet, you will be soon.
In addition, few developers (mainly from the xda forum) start to port out GIngerbread components such as the keyboard and few wallpapers . so if your devices has root permissions, you can go ahead and install those gems.