New Google RSS Reader for Android


Many people have changed their news reading habits and are now using different twitter clients or other visual tools such as Pulse etc.

For me, those are nice additions to my RSS Readers which I am never going to replace, because reading large bulks of RSS feeds is still much more convenient in the old fashion readers.

One of such readers apps for Android was recently released by Google. It's called Google Reader, it's a native app and it's very nice.

As usual, I can't say the UI is fascinating or even cutting edge, but we already got used to that with Android. Still, in terms of functionality it looks very promising.

Check it out in the market, try to download and synch with your own Google Reader account. It's not bad…


After this tool installed in my android makes it heaven. Happy to have Google Reader in Android
WOW great ..I really have no idea about that and my effort for find an rss reader for mobile waste a whole day of mine in last week..thanks