Nexus S vs. Nexus One – a comparison with a twist!

Nexus One vs Nexus S

I know a lot of Nexus One owners that are simply IN LOVE with their phone.

I was first excited about it, but after using it for a while (1-2 months) I came to the conclusion it is not the kind of phone I'm looking for. The buttons annoyed me, the battery life was horrible, and I even didn't like the "reddish" screen.

Well, times have changed, Android made few more jumps since my last visit (new OS updates, much more apps in the market, millions of new users) and Nexus S was released.

It's bigger, faster, has a better screen, and a newer OS (Gingerbread 2.3) with some internal improvements and minor UI changes that to a UI freak like me, make Android look much better.

Time to see what has changed – and what's better than another great detailed video review by Brandon Miniman from


While most of you probably think the Nexus S is a clear winner when compared to the Nexus One, I decided to take another path:
I'm getting the Samsung Omnia 7.

The order is set, I'm now waiting for the shipment.

Why you ask??? Well, that's obvious isn't it? Android isn't going anywhere, updates will come all the time, all my friends have them so I will be able to track them easily… iPhone isn't going anywhere either, and iPhone 4 is not an excuse to replace my current iPhone – but the Samsung screens are sooooo amazing I must get myself a new Samsung toy – and what's better than the exciting Windows Phone 7?
Sales numbers are not that bad anymore, there are quite a number of apps already and many developers working on some great stuff – I want to be there when it happens!

What were you looking for?
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Omnia is not as bad )) But I would choose Nexus S and wait a bit to make sure that Windows Mobile will survive the competition. Android seems to become one of the leaders.
Happy New Year!