Augmented Reality on Android

The time is nearly here when we can walk down the street, not looking up from our phones, and get an alert every time we're going to walk into a lamppost.

With the likes of LAYAR, you can point at something and find out what it is, where the next nearest one is and how long it'll be to get there.

In this post I 'm going to say my top 4 augmented reality apps that'll allow you to never look away from your phone!


LAYAR allows you to add 'layers' ontop of your phone's camera, to do anything from search for the nearest McDonalds to check the latest bus times. What's more, anyone can create a 'layer', so there are new ones added every day!

PacMap (XDA Thread or Market)

We all know the classic game, Pacman. But have you ever played it in real life? In PacMap, you become pacman, running away from imaginary ghosts and picking up imaginary dots. Need I say more for you to jump over to the XDA thread linked?

Zombie, Run! (XDA Thread or Market)

This game is a bit like PacMap (above), but has zombies instead. You run away from zombies, and they chase after you. Who knows what could be in the next version? Multiplayer? I hope so!

Wikitude Drive (XDA Thread, download from THIS post/Market)

With this app, you won't need to look up from your phone, even in the car! It takes your camera input (as do most augmented reality)and places a 'route' overlay on top of the image. Please Note: I am not actually suggesting you use this app instead of looking in the windscreen. There is a delay, and the most likely result is death.


Stim said…
Now that's some amazing stuff i must say. Wonder how it will look in about 10 years.
Dvor said…
I saw this in National Geographic, this is future
Free Download said…
Augmented Reality is fantastic technology. I'm very happy that i can use it on my smartphone with Android. Augmented Reality is very helpfull for social games on city streets.
The augmented reality apps look so cool. I have heard of LAYAR, but the other 3 I'm not familiar with. The PacMap looks like an interesting one and by the looks of the image you have to the right, it looks great. Thanks for sharing the links to these augmented reality apps.
I like new Google map with 3d presentation, However, pacmac is also all right.
Grupo Lidersia said…
For developers, I have found a framework of augmented reality for Android
MamaiBeba said…
amazing technology, this is really close to the future!
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