Few Days After… Samsung Omnia 7


Well, it's been few days now, and I'm still unhappy with my new Samsung Omnia 7. If it wasn't for my passion to learn more about this new OS and seek for the good things with it – I would probably put it for sale already, and I'm not kidding!

This time I would like to talk about the camera. Supposedly a good 5 megapixel camera, but the thing is that the end pictures are simply not good.

90% of the pictures are blurred, but it's done in a sophisticated way: It focuses just fine when you are about to take the picture, but then when you take it,  the picture goes from sharp to blurry. 

That's just annoying.

After trying all the options and settings, I found that if I set the picture sharpness to maximum, and set the anti shaking to 'On', the results are much better – but guess what: in WP7 like in WP7, nothing is really that simple: the settings of the camera are not saved (another known limitation).

So dear Ballmer, although you bragged about having a hardware camera button for fast open of the camera – this is actually the slowest device to take a decent picture, as before taking the picture, you need to manually change some settings (which are never saved) in order to allow taking a picture which is not blurred.

H o w.

H o r r i b l e.


Gil - I can definitely see how having your pictures go from sharp to blurry can be annoying. Are you sure it's not just something wrong with your phone separately?

I was interested in getting the Samsung Omnia 7 because of the new OS too. Hopefully, it will start working better for you.
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I am waiting for this phone. It is amazing but i think Android system is better choose for it.
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Anonymous said…
The Omnia 7 is fantastic hardware.

WP7 has too many limitations at the moment however, which are severely hampering it's ability to compete with Android and iOS.

I too am considering selling mine, however I will wait to see what Microsoft can resolve with the promised update this month... WP7 is the classiest and smoothest OS on the market, it's just a baby though. Just keep in mind that the iPhone had no MMS or copy/paste until OS3.0, and no multitasking until 4.0.

Microsoft won't take too long to resolve these issues I hope, if it's not fixed in a few months though, I'll just ditch this phone and get something else!
I have heard other reviews of the Omnia. So may be you just got a wrong device? In any wy this is one of the first deveices run by WM7, so don't be too serious in judging.
I also just couldn't find new Samsung Omnia 7 that smart the way it had been advertised
Making manual settings of camera every time you make pictures is just becomes a hassle when one needs to capture picture quick