How Will Verizon's iPhone Change The Mobility Landscape


So by now you have probably heard about Verizon's new iPhone 4 news. Finally, Verizon users can also take part of the game! Finally, iPhone fans are free from the AT&T chains. The phone comes with tethering capabilities, no GSM option, and guess what: some changes in the antenna design… oh, so I guess Apple did find a bug after all and tried to fix it. Let's wait and see if indeed this will be the case.

In any event, I wonder how will a Verizon iPhone impact the mobile landscape:


Will it cause an Android slow down? After all, we've already seen Android slowing down lately, and that's before Verizon customers could even choose. The Verizon iPhone will definitely create a massive sales boost for Apple.But no one knows for how long, since soon after the release of it (around Feb) we will start seeing dual-core superphones running newer Android OS.

In any event, Android handsets took 80% of Verizon's sales recently, which means that companies like HTC and Motorola will suffer the most from this move.


On the other hand, there is the timing issue. If such a move would have take place a year ago, when iPhone was still considered a superior phone over the Android ones, the impact could have been bigger. Customers were not even considering something else, they were just standing in lines, grabbing a piece of the magic. But today? Today things are a bit different: with the iPhone Antennagate on one hand, and Android superphones that are coming every second, iPhone is not superior anymore, if I were a Verizon customer, I don't know if I would rush into getting an iPhone like 1-2 years ago, when I can get a Nexus S or another dual-core superphone…


RIM lost a lot of its' marketshare to Android already. Question is, will the BlackBerry sales continue to drop or will Android pay the bigger price? After all, RIM does have some loyal business users. Some of them might want to switch to iPhone, but some will surely stick with RIM.

In any event, things are going to get really interesting in this endless war between iOS and Android. So far it was not a fair match, as iPhone sales were all AT&T, now it will change, and we will be here to see what happens…


Gil - The Verizon iPhone has definitely made the war between iOS and Android interesting. I'm sure a lot of people are happy that not only AT&T sells iPhones. Thanks for sharing.