Windows Phone 7 Marketplace soon to pass webOS AppStore


Hmmm, this is fun: the folks over at WPCentral are constantly following the number of apps available in the Marketplace.

It seems like the 3 months old store is just about to bypass webOS 19 months old store – which means that pretty soon, Microsoft will not be last any longer! While HP is planning to announce some great things related to webOS pretty soon, it still seems like webOS is still stuck in 2008…

Back to Windows Phone 7: I am still waiting to get my first WP7 device (order was set a few days ago and I'm still waiting anxiously).
So far the WP7 marketplace includes around 5500 apps, but it is constantly changing; there are about 100 new apps per day, around 100 updates – which seems like nice numbers. You can learn more in WP7AppList which brings almost real-time statistics of the platform application store.

WP7 Applist Statistics

It will be interesting to see when will Microsoft's WP7 Marketplace pass RIM's BlackBerry's App World and officially become #3 after iOS and Android…



Gil - About 100 new apps per day is pretty impressive. I'm surprised the Windows Phone 7 marketplace didn't pass webOS AppStore a long time ago. I hope you get your WP7 device soon and let us know about your experience with it.
I think its great marketplace. In 2011 will continue growth..
Poor Blackberry.. Nobody believes that it will survive in this race. And it won't if it doesn't change anything. Although its Playbook is rather good.
Anonymous said…
The marketplace has potential, things are just overpriced! Australia gets charged 20-25% more than the USA. We have comparable exchange rates, and Microsoft's explanation of this has been poor and excuse ridden to say the least. Apple built it's app store on cheap games. Unless WP7 stop charging $9 for a game, people will go back to iOS!