Windows Phone 7 More Attractive Than BlackBerry?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Windows Phone 7 is in the game.

I'm not saying that just because after a rough start I'm now enjoying my WP7 Omnia 7 VERY MUCH. I'm saying that because every week or so we are witnessing how this new platform is reaching a new milestone.

Last time we checked, WP7 MarketPlace was just about to pass webOS AppStore with the number of apps (~6000 at the moment).

This time, we've been around a survey, showing that more people may consider WP7 smartphones than Blackberries.


Good progress, not sure it's considered to be great news for Microsoft as the numbers are still very low, but there is a progress. What I can say it's that RIM may not like this survey, but using Samsung Omnia for 2 weeks now I can say that even though it's hard to find good apps, and even though there are tons of missing features, in terms of productivity, emails, calendars, OneNote, Todo, etc. – everything is working well. I like it, it's fast, the back button is amazingly efficient when switching from one app to another and the entire experience makes Windows Phone 7 to my opinion – a better productivity tool than BlackBerry.

So is it another milestone? Not yet; in terms of sales, WP7 is still much slower than Android or iPhone (around one tenth!), but WP7 users are happy with it (93% said they are happy with it), apps list is getting bigger, Gil Bouhnick from the Mobile Spoon is slowly becoming a fan, so who knows? Maybe in a few months we will even see sales figures better than BlackBerry as part of Microsoft's slow journey back into the mobile realm?


It's great to see that you're finally enjoying your WP7 Omnia 7 Gil. I'm sure Microsoft is happy with their little progress because the Android and iPhone had a good head start on them.

I think over the next few years Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 will become more popular as they get more good apps. Thanks for sharing.
4% is not that much but at least they have some improvements. still t prefer iPhone though i try to follow the news from WP7
One In All said…
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I just don't understand why WM 7 has lost in ratings? The os works just fine.
And speaking about iOS I'm sure that it's popularity is the result of good marketing work. The first tablet was HP one, remember?
Windows phone 7 seems attractive but it just can't make the black berry importance dimmed, it still work quite smartly and so different organizations are introducing new and new softwares for the BB and they are simply too good