44% Of Verizon Android users intend to switch to iPhone


Wow, here's a shocking piece of news to start the day with:

According to a new survey, 44% of Verizon users (Android and BlackBerry) are planning to switch to an iPhone.

While I can understand the BlackBerry users, the results of the Android users are a bit of a surprise. I always said that iPhone is superior to Android when it comes to end user experience (consistent, clean, better looking), but 44% is a lot.

(I know, I know, this is the point where all the techies are thinking: "what is he thinking!? You can't do this and that with iPhone! Android is superior…" I'm sorry to say: I'm a techie myself, I appreciate the advantages Android has over iPhone in many areas, but I still think that for the average user, iPhone brings a much better user experience. And user experience is really a lot in smartphones).

Reasons to switch, according to the survey are: user interface (60%), web browsing (58%), media capabilities (51%), memory (43%), and camera (41%).
Weird, I thought Android has some models with better camera, memory and similar media capabilities, but as I said, the user experience is probably a factor everywhere.

If this is indeed what we are about to see in the next few months we are facing a change in smartphones market and yet another jump to Apple, this time, in favor of Google and the 'gang'…

You can read the rest of the survey in here


Lew Flauta said…
Many people on Verizon are in corporate plans chose Android because it was their only choice. iPhone probably would have been their preferred first choice.

I am shocked by the percentages you mention in the post.I am really not expecting.But What you think a professional user need enhancement of all features not only some specific ones.Is it so?
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