Palm, I mean, HP is back! TouchPad, Pre3, and Veer were just announced

Palm Pre3 vs Palm VeerHP webOS Tablet TouchPad

So by now you probably heard about HP's new announcements involving 2 new smartphones and a tablet. Here's Mobile Spoon's attempt to summarize everything as short as possible:

Palm is out, dead, finished, kaput. It's sad. It's tragic. It's horrible. RIP Palm, we really liked you. (History, Praise). Welcom HP webOS, HP Pre3, HP TouchPad, HP Veer.

Size does matter: Palm Pre was no match for today's giant smartphones. HP decided to make it bigger. Pre3 is bigger than ever with a 3.6 inch screen, sliding QWERTY, 5 megapixel camera, HD video and more.Processor is pretty strong with 1.4GHz.  
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Sometimes small is big: Palm Veer seems cute, but judging by Gizmodo hands-on review it may be too little for most people. On the other hand, tiny smartphones are rare and this may become an advantage in case there are people out there looking for something small with big ambitions.
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Tablets are the future. Ask Apple. We all knew it's coming, we just didn't know how exactly it will look like or what specs will it have.
The HP TouchPad feels more like a real PC than a tablet. The amazing cards based multi-tasking plus some additional menu buttons on the top right corner turns the main screen into a desktop-desktop like interface. The keyboard includes an additional row for numbers. In the mail interface you can configure one of few options: presenting only the mails content, presenting a dual view (inbox and content), or even triple view with 3 columns: folder, list, content…  (like the kids say: LIKE).
Anyone remembers the Slate? He he he… (evil laugh…)

On the other hand, different reviewers already stated the OS seems to feel slow even though it has a 1.2GHz dual core processor.

Here's a nice video demonstration:

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To conclude: Looks good, OS is sweet (and as long as it doesn't risk anyone, both iOS fanboys and Android geeks love it), apps are still missing and performance might be improved until the 3 models are released.

But does anyone thinks HP stands a chance against iPad 2 and the Android Pads that are coming? (I don't…)


The video of HP Touchpad hands on is too good and explaining all features in quite good manner; the application still needs some tweaks in order to provide the audience with a fine product.
Lovers of black berry never appreciate touch screen features, though HP touch pad hands on is too good too
Nasul said…
I wrote some review about those cell phones but their specification are dissapointing because their display is quite small and the OS isn't Android. So, I definetly won't buy such a product.