Why BlackBerry is already dead and my new love is Windows Phone 7

This blog has been awful quiet lately, due to some personal reasons and way too much work! So we've launched a new product (ClickMobile Professional), which is running on practically anything that has a decent touch on it, and our first implementation is already on the way, but if you are constantly following the mobile spoon you know I try focus less about my work and more about other mobility topics that interest me.

So here's one for you; last week, while visiting a few customers of ours on the west coast, I've witnessed a 2 incredible things:

1. Old ones are treated badly!
Oh, no, I'm not talking about old people. I'm talking about old "things", stuff, gadgets, smartphones… OK, you caught me… BlackBerries… 
Let's start with the fact I barely saw anyone walking around with a BlackBerry anymore. I'm sure people still use them, but I guess they try to avoid doing it in public

Yep, all I saw were iPhones, iPods, Galaxy S, and the likes. As one of the business executives whom I've met with said: "We are a technology company, and as such our field users must be equipped with modern, and advanced mobile devices. We will never give them BlackBerries… "

Ouch… did you just feel that?!

(Who would have thought RIM will be in such position 2 years ago?)

2. Windows Phone 7 is chasing me!
Yes, I know, it took me some time to get used to my new Omnia 7, but after a while – I'm addicted, I just can't stop using this amazing thing. While I was abroad (to remind you I do not live in the US), I had to switch to my BlackBerry due to data plan considerations etc.

I found myself missing the virtual keyboard of WP7 (which to my opinion is is by far the best virtual keyboard to date, even much better than the iPhone's one), which is weird, because I used to think physical keyboard is always better than a virtual one.

Today I'm actually typing much faster using the virtual keyboard of Windows Phone 7.

In fact, in many areas of what's typically called "productivity", I have found that Windows Phone 7 is doing a much better job than BlackBerry. And that's in RIM's bread and butter…

But that's not all…

On top of that, I had this strange feeling that someone over at Microsoft has noticed I stopped using WP7 and kept on reminding me about it…

Everywhere I went, signs were staring at me, watching my moves, reminding me of Windows Phone 7, the Metro design, the hubs, the flat icons and signs… everywhere…

Here's one example taken from the LAX airport:

Windows Phone 7 Is Everywhere

Rings a bell?


As you can see, the rounded signage, looks incredibly similar to the buttons of the Windows Phone, which makes sense by the way, since this was exactly the intention of the makers of Windows Phone 7.

Metro UI

Those signs are everywhere, and exactly like most people find their way around by using them, WP7 users will quickly learn that using Windows Phone 7 is not only simple, it's also kind of addictive as well… and if that's not enough, whenever you try to quit, those signs will chase you and hunt you down, until you break…

Which I did…

And so after after a few days of pure agony, many issues with my Bold 9700, and an urge to return home, I made the move and went back to my beloved Windows Phone 7…

If you are interested to learn more about the principals behind the Metro design – here's a great place to start: UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7 v2.0.


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Anonymous said…
Awesome! I certainly won't blame you, I love my Surround :-)
Windows Phone 7 is too good but Black Berry has still its own worth :)
wow,did you really took those photos while you were on the road?
Black Berry is too good and smart and quite compatible with majority software .. i am lovi'n it
I am in favor of window 7 because it's features are really awesome.
Excellent Post! I am like Window 7 and it' features are awesome.
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BlackBerry is Big Brand name attached with the new Technology.Keep sharing similar posts in future as well.