Angry Birds Rio available in AppStore, but what about Android Market?


Just downloaded the new angry birds game: Angry Birds Rio. New music, new graphics, amazing graphics, new story, great stuff.

This time the angry birds are bring kidnaped and sent to Rio. Where the need to free all their birds friends...


So far the game looks very promising. A bit easier than the original game I think, but a huge fun. The characters are simply adorable.


Here's a great video preview (it's actually the cool app trailer):

Not available in Android Market

The Birds can be found in iOS AppStore for iPhone or iPad. Android users on the other hand will be surprised to know the game is not available in Android Market. The reason is that Amazon, with their alternative AppStore, managed to beat Google and have this game exclusive for their very own AppStore (and I should thank my best friend who is also an Android power user for this tip, plus this free version link).

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Williams said…
i think android is the best platform to play games when compared to other OSes.
Anonymous said…
Call me old fashion but I really do like this new version where kids get to free birds rather than hitting pigs with stones.
David said…
That was my first thoughts as well: the first game was not very educational.
Nasul said…
@William, I agree. Even if iOS is the most stable OS, the Android is more advanced at all chapters. And the Android Phones are a cheap gaming investment.