Detailed video: HTC Flyer – HTC's first Android based tablet


The following video shows (in detailed this time) the HTC Flyer, HTC's first Android based tablet.

The video title is "HTC Flyer – a tablet like no other" and for once I tend to agree with HTC!

Few things I noticed in the video which are worth mentioning:

  1. HTC Scribe Technology – a pen that can write on almost any functional surface and different applications. I use a pen in with iPad, but what HTC is showing here is more than the pen itself: it's turning a variety of apps into live notebooks which is, to me – a very good productivity feature (notating web sites, books, pictures, etc.)
  2. PIM Synergy - rich notes exist in iPad, but HTC shows in this video a nice synergy between the notes, calendars and tasks – good stuff, once again, for productivity means.
  3. Multimedia – didn't notice anything special there, but it's good to see everything packed inside the tablet: videos, games, etc.
  4. HTC Sense – OK so you didn't actually think HTC will neglect the Sense didn't you? I'm actually beginning to get bored with it (the clock/weather widget reminds me the 400 years old HTC Touch Diamond…) but I know most people like this shell a lot, and it's definitely the best Android homescreen replacement to date.

Good stuff, great video, seems like a very promising tablet! Be sure to watch the video:


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Dimitar said…
Great video, it will be amazing device :)
Nasul said…
Yeah, private video. Probably this tablet PC from HTC will be the iPad killer. It looks much better, in my opinion the OS is the best on the market yet because is the most sold one.
Its interesting information and great video.usually HTC based Android flyer are very useful in productivity and ipad based has more portable than other devices.Thanks for finding time to share your ideas.