I just got my first Samsung Omnia 7 update… but it's not NoDo

I couldn't believe my eyes!

Few minutes ago, while connecting my WP7 phone to Zune, the following message appeared!

Update Is Available!

Without thinking I clicked on the "Begin" button (or was it: "Update" button? or "Start"? everything was so blurred at the time, I can't seem to remember…)

The update started!

It went pretty fast!


It was a late night hour (12:30 AM to say the least), but it didn't stop me from waking up my wife, all excited, and trying to explain why this update is so important to humanity.

She didn't bought it.

But I was OK with that – my update was already in progress – finally – copy/paste, performance, better search – those are all cool improvements but I was more into the smaller things which are not included in those features.


Well, the update ended, and guess what: I don't have copy/paste, searching through the MarketPlace still brings songs instead of apps… I guess the update was the old update which I didn't receive 2 months ago…

Am I pissed off you ask?
Nope, I'm not…
I'm just trying to break my phone now…
Apparently it's more solid than what I thought…
Just give me few more seconds… … …


Android 2.3 – here I come!