Inside WP7 MarketPlace: The Mobile Spoon App Is Now Available For Download!


It's there! My first Windows Phone 7 app, the app which was developed with 0 lines of code (on my behalf at least) using an RSS Reader generator ( – is finally available for free downloads at the MarketPlace.

You hear that SEO's?

The Mobile Spoon App for Windows Phone 7 is released and available for downloads for free!

Link to the App description

Download Links

But guess what? There are already bugs! The splash-screen seems cut, and the app is categorized (for some weird reason) as a game. A game? me? how come?

I will, of course, try to fix it, but for now – be nice and download the app, and rate it high (please !!!). It will really make my day!


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The idea is smart though but the bugs make it uncatalogued, in fact we are waiting for the best application :)