iPad 2 makes me want to try the "switch"


Oh my, Apple never stops! I was certain there was nothing Apple can do to make me regret I have the iPad 1, but they just did!

Watching the video just made me plan a switch.

Yes, I know that "no one in Western history has ever managed to complete the switch" (Seinfeld, season 6), but how about the following scenario: I give my old, heavy, ugly looking, slow as hell, iPad 1 to my beautiful wife, and get a new, cool, speedy, lightweight, sexy looking iPad 2 to myself…

Watch the video, it's really good.

More details in MobilityDigest and Engadget.

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I was reading a review on the iPad 2 earlier today and I'm really impressed that this device has all these different features and it's smaller than first version.

I think the cover they designed for the iPad was genius. I will definitely be getting this as soon as possible.

I hope that scenario with your wife goes well because I know my wife would want a new version of the iPad too.
The video is too convincing and I am just thinking to switch over now ;)
The cover for the ipad is designed so smartly, quite attractive :)I would love installing monitoring software on my cell phone to help my teen when it is required
Nasul said…
It a good thing that the iPad 2 will have the same price as the first one, because the first one was quite expensive for a lot of people.