iPad is already in the enterprise.

iPAd in the enterprise

Eric Lai, over at Sybase UberMobile blog recently wrote about 10 vital stats about iPad enterprise adoption.

We all knew it's happening, we all saw the buzz, enterprise companies talking about it, SAP almost "bragging" about it, (we at ClickSoftware did the same by the way: ClickMobile Professional for iPad), it's all around us: iPad is quickly entering the enterprise. But how fast exactly? Eric's post might give some direction.

Here are the ones I particularly liked:

  1. There are now at least 366 enterprises and schools testing/deploying iPads in a mass way.
  2. 70% are by either colleges or K-12 schools, 2.5% is by government organizations, 0.6% is for healthcare – those are the top 3 verticals
  3. According to different surveys by GOOD, financial services are the biggest user of iPads
  4. Analysts predict 32 million iPads to be shipped this year.
  5. Largest iPad deployment so far is Korea Telecom with 30,000 iPads used by the all the employees.

There are some more interesting statistics at UberMobile, all proving that iPad is not just a sexy consumers product, it's a real productivity tool, and iPad 2 can even do better!

So if you are somehow related to your company's mobile strategy and you still haven't got one – change that, and hurry, mobility changes happen all the time, a tablet is not a smartphone, and not a substitute to a laptop. A tablet is a tablet, and iPad is probably the best one today.. You don't want to be left behind…


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