So how did the iPhone change Verizon's sales?

There are plenty of smartphones today which have better specs than the iPhone 4. There are plenty of smartphones which better shape, stronger CPU, faster speed (4G!), etc. Still, most people, if they are given a choice, would prefer iPhone.
Verizon's sales numbers are beginning to come out and Android, which was just beating the Sh<beep>t out of BlackBerry, now faces a serious threat, just like we all thought will happen
The report below (by Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix) shows a nice lead by Apple in the devices sales (Verizon only). RIM, BTW, ended number four.
Nevertheless, since 5 out of the first 7 manufacturers actually develop Android handsets, it doesn't look like iOS stand a chance to become the number one OS in Verizon (see additional charts below):


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All these manufactures are doing an excellent job.
Very nice report. It was clear that iPhone is going to come back with Verizon iPhone 4. After the Android's huge success many people believed that iPhone is going to die. iPhone may not be the best smartphone available right now but it is the most favorite and most importantly the first smartphone. I think its not so easy to beat iPhone.
The change is obvious but still mots of people are disappointed by Verizon's iPhones.