Is there a Cellphones for Senior Citizens?

I recently purchased a cellphone for my mom.
Going shopping with her was not a trivial experience for a gadgets freak like myself. Her requirements were completely different than my usual cup of tea:
  1. Non-touchscreen phone
  2. Loud sound
  3. Big & clear buttons
  4. Flip form factor
  5. Minimum number of buttons (surrounding the D-Pad)

* I added another requirement: Camera, to make sure my mother will be able take pictures of my kids every now and then.
So with that requirements we went shopping. It's actually hard to find phones without touch screen nowadays, there are more smartphones models than simple cell-phones.
To avoid the embarrassment I made sure to hold my new Omnia 7 smartphone in my hand, you know, to make sure everyone understands the cellphone is not for me… but eventually it didn't go so bad: there are a few decent phones with nice capabilities which are very simple to use, look actually good and provides exactly what my mother was looking for.
Eventually we purchased a nice flip phone by Nokia. Which provides everything we wanted, and I must say that after a while I found it fun and simple to use it (everything related to phone calls is done with 1-3 clicks which is so much fun comparing to smartphones…).
Today, however, a colleague of mine showed me a phone he just purchased, specially designed for senior citizens.
Senior Citizens Phone 3
It's a phone which was purchased at DealExtreme, and it has everything that senior citizens need:
  • Huge buttons
  • Huge fonts
  • Quick dial
  • Extremely loud speakers
  • Flashlight (with hardware button!)
  • Special emergency switch (configured for a specific number)
  • Radio
"Beautiful", I said to myself, and decided to include some pictures and links here, at the mobile spoon for the readers out there looking to spoil their parents with something their parents actually need. Not the usual stuff I'm writing about, but definitely something that can become useful for some of you.
Senior Citizens Phone 4 Senior Citizens Phone 5

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As you can see the phone is not bad looking at all! Here's how it looks like comparing to Samsung Omnia 7 and iPhone:
Senior Citizens Phone 2
Senior Citizens Phone 1
More details about the product in here.
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Patrick said…
The best cellphone for seniors is Senior Value Cellphone. The phone is easy to use and read. The price is so low and the security is
Anonymous said…
I think that what Patrick was trying to say is that the best cell phone for the elderly is a prepaid cell phone from TracFone ->SVC, Senior Value Cell. It has all the amenities a senior may need (big buttons and screen, etc.) and a very affordable price. My mother tried a few other phones before this one and complained that they were either overly simple or overly complicated and this one was just right for her.
Ally J said…
Looks like a good senior option. Was just wondering, if it comes from China, is the emergency button pre-programmed for a number there, or would you do it yourself? Also, how tight is that button-wouldn't it very easily be pushed down when putting in and out of a purse? Can anyone give some feedback, please? I've also been looking at the SVC, as mentioned by anon, and although it doesn't have that emergency button, I heard it does have emergency location assist. Also, Tracfone's SVC phone has coverage off AT&T...what plan would be comparable for this YT55 phone? For me, coverage is the most important-you can have the coolest phone, but without reliable coverage, you don't have much. Any advice about which is better (and whether the differences are worth the extra $33 for the YT) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Eric said…
I have been thinking of getting my parents a Senior Value Cellphone also. So any information on the phones would be great.
Jean5643 said…
I think this Y255 is a great phone, you are right.
I just don't know that if you have a hearing aid if this phone would be ideal as opposed to a hearing aid compatible phone like Tracfone's SVC Samsung T155G.
I also don't know how much it will cost per month for calls using the Y255 and if there are any activation fee's, contracts, extra fee's etc. which Tracfone doesn't have with their SVC phone.
From my angle as a senior, we don't have allot of money to spare and ideally we would prefer a cheaper phone with a cheap prepaid plan like the SVC Samsung T155G which I'm using at the moment.
However if this phone has a cheap plan I might be interested in it.
Anonymous said…
What I bought for my mom is the Just5 Easyphone. The phone you purchased for your mom also looks good and offers practical features. But what I like with Just5 aside from its trendy looks and practical features that are just perfect for an elderly is its reliability and practicality. I’ve only bought the phone at a very reasonable price and my mom appreciates it as she can only spend as low as $3.33 a month when she gets the cheapest minute plan offered. The costs of the calling plans that this provider offers is very light in the purse, really.
redallover said…
I will say that this just5 phone does look good, but at about $90 would be considered expensive for most. The senior value model phone is about $15 and comes with a double minutes for life card with purchase. That pays for itself. Every time your purchase new minutes, you get double. In my opinion, this definitely puts you ahead of the game.
Anonymous said…
I am looking for a cell phone for my grandmother. What do you all think of the SVC? I think it has great features but the whole $7 for a month worth of service sounds too good to be true!
Chris Masters said…
I'd never heard of this svc phone until I started poking around the net. The value is pretty obvious with 3 months for $20 and a phone that costs only $20. Not signing a contract is very appealing too. But why does it have to be just for seniors. LOL!
shoefanatic said…
Good point Chris. I checked out the phone, which is the Samsung T155G. It does have some great features and seems very easy to use. Nothing worse than having a cell phone that you can't use. It's not expensive and the best is you don't have to invest in a long term commitment!
Jessica said…
I need to get a cell phone for my mom really soon. She just moved to a not so safe part of town and she's in her 70s. I want to make sure that she is ok and safe at all times. I heard about the Senior Value Cell phone and I am seriously considering buying it for her. Has anyone ever gotten one for their parents/grandparents that can tell me about the experience?
Alina said…
I am very impressed with TracFone. They have designed the SVC phone to cater specifically to the elderly. Finally, technology for seniors! For a cheap price you get a great phone with all the amenities they may need.
I had to chuckle at your comment about making sure they saw your own smart phone so they'd know you weren't shopping for yourself. As a full-fledged member of the Sandwich Generation - caring for elderly parents AND babysitting grandchildren, I know just how you felt. I have a much loved iPhone that I wouldn't part with. But my senior mom could never handle it. We found her the Jitterbug which is another of the simple cell phones specifically made for senior citizens. It doesn't even have a camera which, for her, is good. She even has the option to press 0 and get the operator who will place calls for her - shades of her youth with party lines and Operator placed phone calls. Perfect for her and very easy. I'd never want it for me. I need my "second brain" of an iPhone, but for elderly seniors looking for simple cell phones, this Jitterbug cell phone is an excellent resource. Thanks again for a fun and interesting article. :)
Rachel said…
My husband and I decided to get phones for both my grandparents and it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. For only 7 dollars a month, my grandparents have great phones that have large keypads so they can see the numbers properly and that are hearing-aid compatible so that they can hear their phone calls properly as well.
Metformin said…
In short it's simple and useful phone for my Mom..!
Ryan Johnston said…
My Mom loves her IPhone! It took some learning curve but she does not use her desktop computer much anymore and is fairly comfortable with the form factor.
Brad M said…
My shortlist included the jitter phone, just5 and the svc from tracfone. First two devices over $80, the tracfone is $20. What with that?! lol!
This one is at least a bit better at $47 but why are these really simple devices so expensive?
Nicholas Martin said…
That phone looks perfect for my grandma. She can figure things out just fine but now is limited in her vision and dexterity, she would LOVE that phone. @Brad M, Ive never heard of jitter or just5, are they good services? or nationwide like TracFone/SVC/StraightTalk? I think I will just pick up one of these for her because of the price like you mentioned Brad.
Janelle said…
I agree with a lot of you. The jitterbug I am not familiar with so I can't really say. I am going to have to say that going the tracfone route worked best for my mother. She was very hesitant about getting a cellphone but the SVC was designed perfect for her needs and I pay like seven dollars a month max for her. Its surely the best value and the way to go.
Patricia said…
I have been really confused as to which service & phone would be best for my mother. It is comforting to see how much support is out there for SVC. She wont need to use the phone very often. SVC seems to have the best introductory value.
Such a very useful article. Very interesting to read this article. I would like to thank you for the efforts you had made for writing this awesome article.
brezne said…
My mother was terrified of the technology in cellphones. I bought her the Tracfone T155g (Samsung) and she was over the moon because the phone was not too advanced for her. All she wants is a phone for emergencies and the occasional call. With the Tracfone SVC at $20 for 90days, this works out to less than $7 a month. Definitely a good choice for the elder citizen
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