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Mar 30, 2011

Is there a Cellphones for Senior Citizens?

I recently purchased a cellphone for my mom.
Going shopping with her was not a trivial experience for a gadgets freak like myself. Her requirements were completely different than my usual cup of tea:
  1. Non-touchscreen phone
  2. Loud sound
  3. Big & clear buttons
  4. Flip form factor
  5. Minimum number of buttons (surrounding the D-Pad)

* I added another requirement: Camera, to make sure my mother will be able take pictures of my kids every now and then.
So with that requirements we went shopping. It's actually hard to find phones without touch screen nowadays, there are more smartphones models than simple cell-phones.
To avoid the embarrassment I made sure to hold my new Omnia 7 smartphone in my hand, you know, to make sure everyone understands the cellphone is not for me… but eventually it didn't go so bad: there are a few decent phones with nice capabilities which are very simple to use, look actually good and provides exactly what my mother was looking for.
Eventually we purchased a nice flip phone by Nokia. Which provides everything we wanted, and I must say that after a while I found it fun and simple to use it (everything related to phone calls is done with 1-3 clicks which is so much fun comparing to smartphones…).
Today, however, a colleague of mine showed me a phone he just purchased, specially designed for senior citizens.
Senior Citizens Phone 3
It's a phone which was purchased at DealExtreme, and it has everything that senior citizens need:
  • Huge buttons
  • Huge fonts
  • Quick dial
  • Extremely loud speakers
  • Flashlight (with hardware button!)
  • Special emergency switch (configured for a specific number)
  • Radio
"Beautiful", I said to myself, and decided to include some pictures and links here, at the mobile spoon for the readers out there looking to spoil their parents with something their parents actually need. Not the usual stuff I'm writing about, but definitely something that can become useful for some of you.
Senior Citizens Phone 4 Senior Citizens Phone 5

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As you can see the phone is not bad looking at all! Here's how it looks like comparing to Samsung Omnia 7 and iPhone:
Senior Citizens Phone 2
Senior Citizens Phone 1
More details about the product in here.
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