The Mobile Spoon – Windows Phone 7 App Is Here!


If you enjoy reading the mobile spoon and has a a Windows Phone 7 smartphone – I would like to invite you to download my new free app which will let you enjoy the stories of the mobile spoon directly and easily!

Main Screen:

The main screen is build as a panoramic view, part of WP7 standard UI controls, presenting the latest stories, categories list, as well as an easy access to to the stories list, unread ones and favorites:


Stories Preview List:

Navigating to the stories list presents the latest blog posts: title, image, and a short text. You can navigate from unread stories to your favorite stories.

MobileSpoon-WP7-App6  MobileSpoon-WP7-App5

Reading Views:

Clicking on an item will open the full story in a dedicated view (2 options: mobile view or web browser).

Mobile-Spoon-Windows-Phone-7-App1   Mobile-Spoon-Windows-Phone-7-App2

The app was created by FollowMyFeed apps generator, and since I do not live in a country included in Microsoft's app submission list – I had to use an external agreement using YallaApps.

Support the mobile spoon by downloading the free app and rating it nicely!

Download The Mobile Spoon App for Windows Phone 7

Thank you!
Gil Bouhnick,
The Mobile Spoon.


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