MobileSpoon Recommends: NextGen Reader for Windows Phone 7

NextGen Reader for Windows Phone 7     NextGen Reader WP7

Wow. I just finished playing with NextGen Reader – a features rich Google Reader application for Windows Phone 7, and I am deeply impressed. This RSS reader is solid, very flexible (themes, fonts, behavior, settings), provides strong user experience, and in 2 words: very good.

I love it. It's probably the best reader I've tested so far for WP7, so go ahead and try it out! Trial actually has most of the features without the twitter sharing option – it doesn't come with ads so it's clean and fast.

Features List:

  • works in offline mode.
  • completely secure – your login details are encrypted.
  • metro UI – select dark/white theme within application.
  • select multiple articles just like Official WP7 email client.
  • breeze through feeds, folders or friends-shared items in most intuitive way.
  • share articles on twitter and support for url shortner.
  • send to instapaper and read it later.
  • visually differentiate between read/unread, starred or shared items in list view.
  • recently starred and shared articles just a swipe away.
  • tap and hold to see context menu for frequent actions.
  • sync articles as per choice – all or unread only.
  • smart sync marks multiple changes in background at specified intervals.
  • view feeds in landscape mode.
  • mobilized view for reading article or go to internet explorer.
  • can lock your device during refresh.
  • quick toolbar to zoom in/out and toggle image to fit width in article view.
  • “sync changes only” allows you to upload changes without having to download new items.

Here's a short video preview:

Try it out. And after you do – drop us a comment and let us know how it is.

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ngreader said…
Thanks for the review.
- NG Reader
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