Nokia already started developing the first WP7 phone… will it have unique features?

So according to recent updates, Nokia is already working on its' first Windows Phone 7 handsets. Excitement do exists, as this is something that definitely can shake the smartphones world a bit. I was never a huge Nokia fan, but the company is the biggest cellphones giant and the combination of the companies beautiful phones designs together with the best looking Mobile OS today – Windows Phone 7 – will create appealing devices.


The current rumors indicate that the first device will be ready by 2012. Other rumors talk about special OS features that will be available only for Nokia phones. I personally think we will see the first Nokia/WP7 smartphone this year. Time is everything in mobility, and Nokia will do whatever it can to gain a positive momentum and show positive indications about this partnership. Regarding the second rumor, talking about special features that will be only available for Nokia phones, I think it's weird, maybe it will only be for a period of time (like with Nexus One at the time), but who knows… I wonder what will HTC and Samsung have to say about it… maybe that's one of the reasons to cut down the prices of their own devices… or maybe it's Microsoft's sweet little revenge to those companies who switched sides to Android…


I don't think so Nokia will produce totlaly different WP7 phone.