Optimus Prime is in the house!

First we had LG Optimus, now we have the Prime.


XDA.cn revealed 3 new HTC models which are about to be announced soon (if they are real…). One of then is a Windows Phone 7 device called HTC Prime and it's featuring a full QWERTY keyboard:

HTC Prime MobileSpoon

I'm not a huge fan of sliding keyboard because I think that todays' virtual keyboards are so great (especially the WP7 one) that in most cases the users will not even use it that much. On the other hand, those phones usually tend to be more chubby and heavy due to the keyboard which is a high price to pay for a keyboard.

In any event. I'm still waiting for the superphone Megatron to be released and destroy all the Primes! Maybe that's what Nokia is secretly building?

You can read more about the rumors in here.

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Nasul said…
I agree with you about Qwerty keyboard, it's useless... because the phone has a huge screen so the virtual keyboard is more than enough. HTC added the keyboard so the price can high enough.