Who said Windows Phone 7 is just for consumers? Here comes the enterprise! [Microsoft]


Microsoft continues to push Windows Phone 7 into the enterprise.

Although it's a consumer focused operating system, it is clear that the built-in integration with Exchange, SharePoint, and Office are critical factors for many IT managers seeking after the next mobile platform (now that BlackBerry is dead). With a powerful set of cloud based services and server side tools, integrated nicely with Windows Phone 7 – WP7 is slowly turning into the natural replacer of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

At the Microsoft Management Summit this week, a beta of System Center Configuration Manager 2010 (SCCM) was announced. SCCM is a tool for managing servers, workstations, and mobile devices in an enterprise environment. Microsoft introduced the ability for SCCM to handle management of multiple mobile platforms including Windows Phone 7, iPhone/iPad, and Android.

I'm slowly turning into a serious WinPho7 fan, I can tell you that!

I'm a long time WinMo fan that left it (together with everyone else) to wander around Apple's forests, which were all good, original (I will respect Apple for re-inventing the smartphones), and for long time. But after almost 3 years using iPhone, iPod, iPad, I'm getting bored with it. Android is strong, and I'm currently using a Samsung Nexus S which is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but nothing at the moment, nothing can match with the live tiles, the panoramic design and the Metro UI of WP7. Nothing.

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