WP7 Free App: 4th & Mayor – another FourSquare app for Windows Phone 7


Just finished downloading 4th & Mayor – a new FourSquare client for Windows Phone 7, which according to David K. from MobilityDigest, puts to shame the official FourSquare app for WP7.

4th & Mayor is built in a very simple way, using the known WP7 pivot control, giving pretty much most of the features you need if you are a FourSquare addict…

Here's the official app description:

4th and Mayor is the ultimate foursquare client for Windows Phone, created by Jeff Wilcox. Enjoy foursquare even more thanks to a fresh user experience and interface that works the way you’d expect a great Windows Phone app to.
4th & Mayor supports features that your iPhone and Android friends are already enjoying with Foursquare.
Supports awesome Foursquare features:
• Comment on your friends’ check-ins
• Add and experience venue photos
• Add and experience photos in tips
• Find nearby trending venues
• Explore places, including personalized recommendations and places you may enjoy
• New, more fun leaderboard experience
Everything else you’d expect:
• Choose to share your check-ins with Facebook and/or Twitter
• Find and add new friends
• Explore your neighborhood
• The ultimate way experience new cities while traveling abroad
If you don’t have a Foursquare account yet, you can even browse nearby places to try out the experience.
Are you new to foursquare?
Foursquare is a service that helps you find new ways to explore your city by checking in to places that you enjoy. You can find out more at http://www.foursquare.com/

More details including a comparison of the different FourSquare mobile apps

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