5 Reasons Why Nexus S Is The Best Android Smartphone Today


Mobile Spoon has used the Nexus S for 2 weeks and found that it is the most attractive Android handset to date. Here's 5 reasons why:


He is strong!

Nexus S Superman

He is fast!

Running Nexus S

He is Smart

Einstein-Nexus S

He is the Nexus S!

Nexus S 2

And I have got one… and after 2 weeks of using it – I think it is the best Android smartphone to date.

Now at this point, you probably ask yourself how come a model which is not that new anymore can still be defined as "the best" when there are now Android smartphones with dual core, bigger screens, fancier customized shell UI, etc. I think it can, because all the pieces are working perfectly together. And creating a "winning" combination is not trivial at all.


Here are 5 reasons why I believe the Nexus S is today the best model running Android OS.

Reason #1: It's a true Google Phone:

There are so many Android handsets out there, one can practically get lost in the forest of models. Many of them suck, many of them have 1-2 strong points and that's all.

The Nexus S, like Nexus One – is special, it will always remain one of Google's babies, get the OS updates very fast (both Nexus One and Nexus S now run latest OS 2.3 when there are newer models still with 2.2), the Google experience is complete, and the "coolness" factor is there as well (yeah baby, I'm holding the Google phone, see what it says in the back? Google, that's right… ).

And regarding the Google Experience, I prefer a clean Android phone with Google software already loaded and without too many customizations. After all, I trust Google, a software giant, to build software which is better than, say, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and even HTC – all experts in hardware and not software. Just take a look at the smartphones running customized Android versions: the icons are not quite as nice (Samsung), the experience is often not consistent (HTC, Motorola), and upgrades are delayed (Sony Ericsson).

Bottom line: I want the best, and the best is what Google originally built, not some stuff a hardware manufacturer quickly added to differentiate… Give me a clean Android OS and I will customize it myself, as much as I want, and only where it suits me…

Reason #2: Screen Quality:

True, not the biggest, but the 4.0 inch size is just perfect. And like other Samsung phones – it has a Super AMOLED contour display, the kind of screens that make people choose one smartphone over another. I've tried many different handsets in the past few years – this one, together with the Samsung Omnia 7 (my current wife) presented the best results to my taste (only issue I have with it is that it's hard to read in sunlight).

Reason #3: Samsung Galaxy S:

No, it's not a typo, the title is because of the fact that the phone was built using the infrastructure of Android's best selling model so far – Samsung Galaxy S, which I believe is an advantage.

As I see it, technology is not black or white, and even software is not always 0 or 1 (well, it is, but the nature of code often creates situations where things are not acting as planned, this is how we end up having issues, bugs, performance problems, and the likes). You take the best CPU, the best Screen, and the best OS – it doesn't mean you will have the best smartphone. This is why basing the Nexus S on an already proven and successful model is a good thing.

Reason #4: Battery Life:

I'm often complaining about Android smartphones and how bad is the battery experience when tons of widgets and services are constantly working in the background, pulling information, drinking every remaining piece of energy. Most of the latest models I tested did not last for more than 3/4 a day. With the Nexus S it is better. I managed to complete most of the days, and believe me – I'm using my phones A LOT.

Reason #5: Amazing… no I mean it: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G  Design:

So many smartphones, all touch, all of them with 1 to 4 buttons in the bottom, most of them capacitive buttons – how much can you innovate?

Well, take a look at the design below – it is, to my opinion – the best looking smartphone ever.

Forget about iPhone 4 or any of the Motorola Droids, incredible HTC's – the Nexus S has a superior design; slick, elegant, efficient, convenient, SEXY.

The back cover is the usual plastic cover Samsung often uses – but the texture fills much better than the first models that had this plastic style and it doesn't feels cheap. It feels solid, clean, and easy to hold.

Nexus S 4 Nexus S 1 Nexus S 3

In addition, the Nexus S has 2 unusual design elements: the first one is the crazy curved screen! Seriously – it is curved both in the top and bottom areas, and it's BEAUTIFUL. Even today, few months after the phone was released, it is still the only one with such a design which makes it unique.

The second element is another curve in the bottom area of the back cover. While this is less innovative – it does finalize the perfection of the design and the ease of holding it, pulling it out of a pocket, etc.

Nexus S feels great in the hand

It's unlikely to focus so much on curves and hardware design, I know, but since there are so many similar handsets right now, most of them pretty much the same – this unique design fits people that are looking for something different.


So there you have it, 5 reasons why Nexus S is the best Android model these days.

It is a true Google phone, which means users will always get to feel "special" with it. It holds powerful specs, using similar infrastructure like Samsung's best seller: Galaxy S, it comes with latest Android OS 2.3 gingerbread, and it is, by far, the best looking smartphone I've ever seen, and believe me, I've seen a lot.

More specs in here


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Fantastic post about games. It is very nice. I like it.
Laptop News Guy said…
I've got a question regarding Nexus S. Since it can be connected to a PC, do You know if it's possible to use it as a 3G modem to connect to Internet?
Doug Simmons said…
Yes. You can do that either through USB or use it as a wifi hotspot, multiple devices.

Great phone. So is the Nexus One.
Krishna said…
Is it better than HTC Incredible S?
Nexus simply rocks, it is too good to have ;)
Rouge Anderson said…
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