Can iPhone generate more revenue than entire Google?

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Monitoring us or not, working on a bigger iPhone 5 or not, Apple's latest earing call presented yet another new record in the company's history and once again iPhone was a huge part of it.

I enjoy reading the comments after each of the giants (Google, Apple, MS) is finishing a quarter. The Android/iOS war is so good when it comes to products – two great products, but it's also so fanny when it comes to comments… fanboys vs. Android warriors, it just can't get any better than that…

Here are a few notes I'm taking from all of this mess. Including a surprising end.

Android is on top:

Google recently announced some amazing numbers showing off Android popularity:

  • Over 350,000 Android activations per day
  • Over 3 billion Android apps installed

In addition, research firm ITG claims that while Verizon Wireless activated 2.2 million iPhone 4 units in the first quarter of 2011 – the number 1 smartphone this quarter was actually the 4G LTE-capable HTC ThunderBolt.

That definitely leaves no doubts: Android is the biggest smartphones OS today.

So what about iOS, is it really going down like everyone are suggesting?

iOS continues to lay golden eggs:

  • Apple's iPhone sales continue to grow
    • 14.1 Million units in Q4 2010,
    • then 16.24 M,
    • then 18.65 M in Q2 [yes, I know Q2 hasn't ended yet but this is how it's done…]
  • In tablets, Android is facing severe issues.
    • Open source or not, ready for consumers or not – Android tablets are not yet even close to challenging iPad's hegemony.
    • iOS is in a complete control over tablets industry for the moment.
  • With Android, the revenue is split between multiple vendors.
    • This means their share is much smaller than companies like Apple's and RIM. (read more about it in here).
  • According to comScore, there are 37.9 million iOS users in the US, and only 23.8 million Android OS users.
    • That is, when you count iPod touch and iPads as well.
    • As far as mobile subscribers, iOS holds a 16.2 % share, compared to the 10.2 % share Android has.
  • While Android has reached 3 billion apps, Apple already passed 10 billion apps downloads.

Golden Egg

Gee, Apple sure knows how to generate revenues from this never ending gold mine!

Bigger than Nokia, Bigger than Google, Bigger than Microsoft:

Here are some more facts you may find interesting:

  • In revenue, Apple has now passed Nokia, and is now the largest handset vendor (both in smartphones and tablets)
  • In terms of units sold, Nokia remains number one, selling 108.5 million handsets this quarter.
  • Half of Apple’s quarterly revenue came from iPhone (both products and services).
  • In real numbers – that is around 12 billion dollars revenue
    • Google total revenue this quarter was "just" 8.6 billion dollars
    • hmmm…
    • Can you do the math?
    • Can it be that iPhone alone generates more revenue than entire Google?

    When did you say iPhone 5 is going to be released again?


    RVC2 said…
    Great stuff mobile spoon.
    I've started reading this site as a Windows Mobile user and now I can't wait getting a Windows Phone.
    the articles about iOs vs. Android are always fun!
    Doug Simmons said…
    Yes, generally fun, but now and then they hurt my feelings. Especially when I'm on WMPU and other Microsoft-heavy sites. Man those guys are hostile, they can really gang up you -- don't let the fact that almost no one owns WP, they know how to rally their troops.

    Why do I go on WMPU you ask? Know thy enemy, and also to try to figure out how Surur managed to get enough traffic, apparently judging by how much he writes, to turn it into his day job. Not easy.
    Gil Bouhnick said…
    Ha ha...
    I didn't know you see WP7 fans as the enemies. There are so little of them and yet they make so much noise!

    the best thing for a mobile fan is to have a device for each OS and switch all the time.

    this way you cannot become a fanatic about no option... each one has problems, and when you are getting bored - you switch...
    iphone spy said…
    yes i think iphone can generate more revenue ;)
    i don't think so, google is a real giant