So what's coming to WP7 with 'Mango'? [Windows Phone 7]


So MIX11 is already bad news, but there are still new updates about the coming Mango update for WP7. I must say I've seen relatively little coverage of the event, although WPCentral made a fantastic job covering the new stuff which are around the corner for Windows Phone 7:

Marketplace improvements, Metro design improvements (tiles improvements, both visual and functional, hubs, etc.), multi-tasking (iOS style…) with background agents, quick "running-aps" access when holding the back button, IE9 (mobile version but same rendering engine), Html5 support, new SQL database access that will improve apps data interaction, gyroscope and compass, personalized ringtones (at last! this is so damn basic but important!), improved developers tools, over 1500 new API's, Skype, Angry Birds, and much more.

Wow, that's one hell of a list. Is it all? probably not, but I'm happy with the list as is. It's definitely impressive.

One thing I am concerned about is the timeline; it's probably over half a year distance, plus distribution time, which means nothing else will be coming until end of year. I would prefer to have more updates with smaller size, don't you?