So what if Android leads the mobile OS market?

An interesting report by The Nielsen Company shows that the big winners (in terms of smartphones manufacturers) are Apple and RIM.

The reason is simple: although Android is currently leading smartphones OS market in the US – there are plenty of manufacturers splitting the prize. HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, and all the others hold just part of Android's 29% marketshares.

Smartphones Marketshare

RIM and Apple on the other hand, both develop both the OS and the handsets, generating revenues out of 27% marketshare each. 

While RIM struggles to keep the existing marketshare, Apple seems to be doing just fine at the moment, with a clear advantage with tablets as well.

HTC, by the way, is close to 20% at the moment. The company may jump a little bit in case it can sell some more WP7 devices on top of the Android ones (on the other hand, that might become problematic once Nokia starts selling them).

So Android OS might be winning big time, but the hardware manufacturers are still behind.

Suddenly Nokia's move to bet on a different horse seems much more logic…