WP7 Game: Swamp Defense (Tower Defense for Windows Phone 7)


If you are constantly following the mobile spoon (then you probably need the mobile spoon app for Windows Phone 7!) then you probably know how I like good tower defense games.

And by good I mean: FieldRunners, The Creeps, and the likes:

I was looking for a good alternative game for Windows Phone 7, and found Swamp Defense, a solid game with nice graphics, cool sounds, friendly layout and special characters.

The game comes with a small twist: instead of constructing "towers" to defend the base, you place your family members to do the job!

The path is fixed, some like it less, I actually prefer it like that. 




I downloaded the trial version and so far couldn't understand what is missing, but the full version currently costs only 0.99 which seems like a good value for money.

You can read more about it on the developer's website.


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Anonymous said…
Good game.. currently on wave 374 on level 2... :)