How to completely screw up your chance to make an impression in a 20 minutes presentation session:


Here are: 10 ways to screw up a presentation. Or even better: 10 ways to screw a perfect opportunity to present your company and make an impression to a large audience in a seminar:

  1. Be late to arrive to the stand
  2. Divide the time you have (20 minutes) between 4 people. 5 minutes each.
  3. Waste 4 minutes out if the first 5 to introduce the speakers (in small text bullets), who they are, how did they end up together (even though no one cares or will remember).
  4. Talk about the importance of User Interface without showing screenshots
  5. Waste 1 minute every time you switch speakers
  6. Have one of the speakers forget to pass the presentation remote control to the next speaker…
  7. Let him (the one with the remote in his hand) sit back with the audience, talking to his neighbor while everyone are looking for the remote...
  8. Have a slide with nothing but the label "demo", but apologize for not bringing the demo with you…
  9. Describe a special project you did as a UI expert, but focus only about how great is the product without mentioning (or showing) your work…
  10. Finish the presentation with your contact and company details so everyone can write down: "Never hire this company to work for us!"

You might think I took this list from an horror movie, but the fact is that I saw this exact scenario happening today in a mobile event I participated. It was a nice event overall, but one company managed to make such a bad impression on me (and others) I don't think I will ever forget it… (which reminds me that bad publicity is still, publicity, and this is why I shall never reveal the name…).


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