How to download youtube videos to your WP7 device (for free!)

Once again I came across a cool app that will not only let you view youtube videos in a much nicer format than the original Windows Phone 7 web based app, but also lets you download your videos.

EzTube-MobileSpoon EzTube-WP7-Mobile-Spoon

EzTube is a free Windows Phone 7 app that can definitely fit our ongoing guide for: How To Download YouTube Videos To Your Smartphones (iPhone, Android, WinMo, iPad)?. We already mentioned SuperTube for WP7, but it costs money. ExTube is free – which makes the fun even bigger.

Here's the developer's description of the app:

"ezTube is a comprehensive and easy-to-use youtube client. With ezTube you can conveniently enjoy almost all youtube’s features including:
1. Download videos to your phone, so that you can watch them later without the internet connection.
2. Speed up downloading by the multi-thread download accelerator.
3. Manage downloading queue: cancel, pause, resume
4. Resume corrupted downloads
5. Organize your downloaded videos in different playlists.
6. Play videos under the locked screen.
7. Automatically play the next video in your current list.
8. Quickly search for videos, browse youtube’s categories, most-viewed videos.
9. View video details: rating, comments, related videos, videos from the same author.
10. Login to your account to:
- Add/remove videos from/to your favourites.
- Add new playlists to your youtube account.
- Add/remove videos from/to your youtube playlists.
- Watch your uploaded videos.
- Follow your subscribed channels, or unsubscribe any channels.
- Rate a video: like, dislike
- Post comments"

Check out EzTube in the MarketPlace.

(Source: the legendary David K)