Must See Video of Windows Phone 7 Mango Release


The more I read and watch the new features of Windows Phone's Mango release – the more I'm convinced; Windows Phone is, indeed, the next big thing in mobility. It may not overcome Android eventually in terms of sales numbers, but it is (already!) bringing the message: a new kind of mobile approach, a new kind of user interface and a new kind of synergy between functionalities, features, and apps.

By now I assume most of you saw the new press release by Microsoft about the Mango release of Windows Phone. I won't repeat the details (some of it can be found in here), but I will just say this: It looks solid, it looks like Microsoft has a clear path, and as time moves forward this path isn't changing. It's just getting better…

Joe Belfiore, the man behind Zune and currently Windows Phone, is probably the one to "blame" when it comes to the great UI stuff we've seen so far by Microsoft in Windows Phone 7.


The 'Metro UI' is simply amazing. This simple yet genius typography-based design language, with the special Segoe WP font is simply getting better and better every day. No wonder it is planned to become the main UI experience for the next generations of Windows. No wonder people start copying it in other mobile platforms such as Android (see link) and iPhone (see this metro style twitter app for iPhone, and metro theme for iPhone).

Here's a short video where Joe Belfiore is talking about the main new features of Windows Phone (Mango). I CAN'T WAIT!!!


I've been hearing the buzz about the windows phone 7 mango. When will it be released? Or has it been released already?

Windows Phone 7 said…
I'm so excited for Windows Phone 7 Mango! Can't wait.
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