So who leads the geo-social universe?


The Microsoft/Skype deal was a surprise for many of us. The high price, the meaning of it, strategically were not all clear.

Techcrunch recently published an interesting article on the implication of the Skype deal on the balance of power in the social network universe and it turns out it certainly tips the game into Microsoft’s favor.

Skype is leading the number of registered users (663 million), higher than Facebook (629 million), and QZone (480 million). Add to this the 364 million active Hotmail users and the 330 million Windows Live users (not shown in the graphic above) and it's clear that Microsoft now has an aggressive presence. I just hope they will take it to new directions where everything is integrated and working as one piece.


Great analysis. What everyone thinks (including me) is that Facebook is on the top now and it would be hard to get ahead of them. Well, Microsoft seems to have made some move to get ahead of them.

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