Spice things up with some WP7 Tiles tricks

Windows Phone 7 continues to trudge, but somehow the eco-system continues to like it, continue growing with it, and so am I.

The user interface is amazing, although some may find the textual interface, large fonts and flat Metro look a bit weird. The keyboard is the best I've yet to use in a smartphone, the emails experience is perfect, and although many features are still missing – the upcoming Mango update looks better than ever with more features being exposed every day which make me feel that the OS will become consumers worthy by the end of the year (unlike today when it's more suitable to techies or Microsoft fans…).

Meanwhile, reading one of my favorite sites MobilityDigest, I found a cool trick to organize your Tiles in the Windows Phone 7 start screen. It's nice, although I think the wasted space might be too much for my taste… If you are interested, head to their site, click the category you want (and tap on the white or black on depending on your needs) and pin that site to your start screen and you are set.

Here's a possible result:

HeaderImage2 (1)

Another nice trick to add some spice into your tiles is to pin your favorite artists from the artists list (in the Music & Videos hub). Each pinned artists will actually be a wide tile, which is also a great way to make the start screen much more impressive!

Try it out, and let me know how it went!

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