Windows Phone 7 Will Kick Ass! (Soon... Hopefully…)


When people ask me about Windows Phone 7, how good is it, and whether I recommend buying it or not, I find it very hard to give a straight answer.

On one hand, I'm in love with the new OS, the UI, the simplicity, the productivity, and the speed. On the other hand, with so many missing features, so many problems with the "so called" automatic updates, and so may occasions where I found myself saying: "they are not yet there, but that's OK, they'll get there eventually", how can I recommend to prefer a WP7 handset over an iPhone or an Android device?

To me, of course, the comparison is not all about features and apps;

  • I've been using the iPhone for over 3 years. I'm bored with it. Whenever I need some iOS quality time – I prefer using the iPad. Give me some widgets, Apple! How long will you keep up with those boring shortcuts!?
  • I've been playing with different Android handsets for so long. I'm trying, I really am, but so far, the only phone to really make me reconsider using my WP7 phone was the Nexus S. But then I had to give it back… Come on, Google, do something about the look & feel. Make UI freaks like myself feel some romance with the OS and apps. (ever noticed how awful the calendar app is?)
  • BlackBerry… you already know what I think of it. I don't see myself going back to it, at least not until the QNX OS is embedded in the smartphones.

So for now I'm sticking with Windows Phone 7, hoping the OS will evolve faster than it currently does. Good signs are coming from Microsoft regarding the Mango update, which some refer to as Windows Phone 7.5. The more we see the upcoming updates the more it looks like WP7.5 is about to become "mature" enough for most people. Add to that the Nokia factor and you end up with such crazy predictions saying Windows Phone 7 will be the number one mobile platform by 2013… (which I think are slightly exaggerated by the way…)

Here's a summary of new features coming to WP7 by the end of this year:

  • Third-party Multi-tasking
  • Twitter integration in People Hub
  • Internet Explorer 9 Mobile with HTML5 support
  • Custom ringtones support (finally!)
  • Office 365 and SkyDrive support in Office Hub
  • Improved application discovery
  • Over-the-air Podcasts Download
  • Better marketplace navigation
  • Multiple Live Tiles per app
  • Revamped Games Hub
  • Expanded language support
  • Configurable background services
  • Pinnable email folders and conversation view
  • Bing Search "Extras"
  • Microsoft Lync Mobile app
  • 1500+ New APIs (Motion Sensor, Gyro, Sockets, Database and more)
  • Private and Beta Marketplace and Parental Controls
  • Exchange Server email search, enhanced security and information rights management, and support for hidden WiFi networks

Other rumored features:

  • Bing Vision and Bing Audio
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation
  • SMS Dictation
  • Built-in Messenger and Facebook Chat in Messaging and People Hub
  • Automatic Games Sync via Xbox LIVE
  • Group Messaging
  • Artist Art on Lock Screen
  • Smart DJ Mix support
  • Camera shutter sound toggle
  • Built-in Facebook check-in and video upload support
  • Visual Voicemail

Twitter-Integration  Custom-Ringtones  IE9-MobileMultiple-Tiles-per-app  Multitasking  Revamped-Games-Hub

There is an impressive article with all the new features with images and links right here at

(source: WMPowerUser)

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iphone spy said…
windows phone 7 simply rocks and i adore it ;)
everything is getting expensive with each day passing :(, smart technology, but majority of people simply can't afford it
Aurea said…
Those features are getting me more excited! :D
How soon is "soon"?^^ I'm beginning to hate iPhone because its too exclusive for apple only. Its so hard to add music because you have to deal with iTunes first and sync them. I hope some phones can beat them soon.
Anonymous said…
Dream on...