Android continues to rage, Windows Phone barely exists…


WMPowerUser is one of my favorite blogs for years. The site is always up to date with latest Microsoft products, releases, apps, tweaks etc. It is currently focusing on Windows Phone and includes many useful resources for every WP7 fan.

Still, the site always tries to find positive signs in every piece of statistics from the mobile market (like in this article, talking about a turn around by WP7 although it is currently 2.8% of UK market) even when there is nothing optimistic about the numbers...

Androidi in UK

I don't agree with optimistic people in general, but this example (2.8% market share??? Are you joking me!?) is of course an extreme example where there is nothing to be optimistic about…

All I see in those UK sales numbers is Android, some more Android, and finally some additional Android. Android is a phenomena! Look at the numbers! All the others suck. Either they are falling or they have a funny number of 2.8%.

What's going on with WP7? Is it the name (Windows)? Is it the last minute timing? Is it Microsoft? 2.8% is the kind of numbers you expected from webOS after launch, Samsung Bada, or any other unknown mobile OS, not the numbers you would expect from a new cutting edge product by Microsoft!

The worst part of it is that Windows Phone is really a great product, but with such bad numbers - who knows how long will Microsoft continue and push it?

KIN was once a promise too you know…

Anyways, it's funny that IDC continues to maintain the forecast that by 2015 Windows Phone will overtake iPhone and BlackBerry:

IDC Prediction


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