Android vs. iOS, again, how good are those apps?


Whenever I argue with any of my geek friends (actually I don't think I have non-geek friends…) about iOS vs. Android (you know the usual scenario…) it always ends up with a childish dispute.

Every day there is something new that can be added to this endless dispute: "iOS5 steals Android's notification bar, Android activates 350,000 units daily while iOS activates "only" 250,000, iPhone alone makes more money than entire Google, Android is customizable, Cyanogen open source is actually making Android better than the original Android and iOS, there are more free apps for Android, iPad holds 82% of tablets market, there are better apps for iOS", you probably heard those arguments many times in the past.

Here is something new which can easily become an argument for claiming that iOS is better: App attrition on Android Market twice as high vs. App Store

Here's a quote:

"The analysis comes by way of app discovery service Appsfire, which found that of the 300,000 apps that have been published overall on Android Market, 95,000 or about 32 percent, have been pulled over time. Meanwhile, of the 500,000 apps that have appeared on Apple’s App Store, 80,000 or about 16 percent, have been unpublished at some point.

So why are apps less likely to stick around in Android Market? Appsfire said it’s likely because the apps there are more experimental and may be designed to give developers more experience, making them easier to pull. Android Market’s lower barrier to entry, along with tools like App Inventor, also invite more of these apps compared to the App Store, which has stricter guidelines, a review process and a $100 development fee."

App attrition is a small element in the global apps war between Google and Apple. In general it is another indicator that shows Android market has more "amateur" apps, the kinds that were built by a developer as a technology research less than a means of making money.

iOS AppStore is currently at around 450,000 apps. Android Market holds around 200,000 apps. That's a big difference although I doubt if there is something truly missing when you have 200,000 apps to choose from. Android is not likely to close the gaps soon which means that the argues will continue… sales numbers on one hand, apps quality (and quantity) on the other.


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TheRooster said…
Android fans don't have to drink the Kool Aid.
Anyone can have both the android and the iOS to end their dilemma. lol Seriously, I don't know which is better technically but I'm using android for my phone. :)
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