Html5 is killing Flash, now even with videos…


I'm a strong believer in Html5 and the change it will bring to mobility. Being able to develop true device agnostic applications for multiple mobile platforms is something that will change the current apps status.

Looking at how enterprise desktops applications evolved into being all web based, I'm sure Html5 and the offline capabilities it brings will make a similar impact to enterprise mobility solutions that will most likely switch from being native to becoming all web-based. 

Today I learned that not just business applications can benefit from Html5. We all heard about the media capabilities of Html5, but not much was mentioned about the quality of those capabilities. According to – Html5 video outperforms Flash (when it comes to mobile devices). Nine mobile devices were tested and had no issues playing back 720p content via HTML 5, but less than half were able to do the same in Flash with a satisfying performance.


Flash? Silverlight? Java? Forget about them. They will probably not be significant players in mobile-web, which according to VisionMobile, grew more than Android and iOS in the last 12 months in terms of developers ecosystem. Think about it.

You can read more about the comparison made and how did Html5 videos performed in here.

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