Mobile Spoon Recommends: OmniOutliner for iPad


You know how it is, you start a new email trying to summarize a meeting, some tasks, action items or anything that needs to be summed up in a clear, bullets-driven way.

Before you know it, you add some bullets, indent them as some of them to create a parent/child relations and sub-items hierarchy, and make some of them bold, as some of them are more of "comments" on top of the bullets. Sometimes the bullets-based summary is later transformed into a table, to allow a structure of bullets with multiple cells for comments, status, etc.

Well, if that scenario rings a bell – you're goanna love OmniOutliner for iPad.

OmniOutliner is designed for short, clean, straight forward notes. Arranged by bullets in a hierarchy, with comments, notes and ability to add columns.

I've downloaded OmniOutliner for iPad last night and so far I absolutely love the concept.

When turning the bullets based list into a table you can also choose from a veriaty of columns with checkboxes, selection lists, free text and dates – which means that you can easily turn your list into a powerful todo list which doesn't require too many typing and clicks to create a new "todo" item (all you need is to click on the "enter" button or "+" and you have a new entry in your list…).

autocompleteBug  OmniOutliner-iPad-Column-Totals

I'm going to use OmniOutliner next week as I'm out on the road for some business meetings and will be able to tell if the structured concept of this app is indeed awesome as it seems from first impression or is it too limited. Meanwhile – here's a short video showing most of the capabilities in an impressive way:

OmniOutliner for iPad from The Omni Group on Vimeo.

Check out OmniOutliner on the iPad for $19.99 from iTunes.


Colin Asquith said…
I love OmniOutliner for the Mac, so am really keen to see if it is as good for the iPad. It's such a deceptively simple yet powerful tool, I don't know why it seems to be such an Apple thing, I can't find something as good for managing notes on other platforms!
Aurea said…
This is really perfect for students, no notebook needed? That's why it will definitely work for iPads! :D
Jill said…
Very cool app. Apple is indeed making iPad as an all in one gadget for its users. And it's actually very affordable thinking how useful it is. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try it!