Shockwave arrives to Transformers 3


In the original comic series from the 80's the Decepticons are led by evil Megatron (number 68 in the all time greatest villains list), but after failing to occupy planet earth and defeat the Autobots, an unknown Decepticon named Shockwave appears, far more superior than Megatron and one who is motivated not by greed or wickedness, but only by cruel logic.

Shockwave notifies Megatron it is logical to replace him because he has failed in his war against the autobots, and when Megatron refuses Shockwave humiliates him in one of the strongest battle scenes of the Transformers series - in front of all of his warriors.

Megatron becomes irrelevant (but kept alive) while Shockwave, the unstoppable one eyed robot who turns into a huge cannon, becomes the leader of the Decepticons (it takes a long while until he disappears in battle against the Dinobots).


Shockwave, is probably the most popular character for true transformers fans (probably second only to Soundwave) and is about to make his appearance in the new Transformer film: Dark Of The Moon.


(Shockwave in Transformers 3, different design as usual, but still one eye…)

I hope the movie will not turn him into a sad joke like it did to Megatron in chapter 2.

Actually… I'm hoping the flaws in movie number 2 will be fixed, the effects will be easier to watch, the zoom level will change a bit to make it easy to understand what is actually happening and that the story will not end like Indiana Jones.

Still, regardless to all the issues I have with the Transformers movies – I can't wait to be in the premier.

Enjoy some teasers:



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