Why I'm deeply in love with my iPad


Last week I traveled to the west coast visiting some customers and partners of ours.

My bad luck came to hunt me from the very first moment; arriving to the airport, I noticed an unusual line of people, indicating it was going to be a long one… after 40 minutes I was still standing in line for the check-in. You know how it goes when you stand in your line and everyone else seem to be progressing faster than you while you fight this uncontrolled urge to switch lines, knowing that the minute you switch – that would be the minute when your original line will magically start progressing faster…

Anyways, things got even worse when I discovered my company's agent forgot to book me a sit, which means I didn't have an aisle sit for a 12 hours flight!

"I'm tall!" I tried fighting the inevitable, "I have long organs! Especially in my lower body!"…

It didn't help.

Flight started as usual, but then the entire entertainment system went dead…

It's one thing to have a dead engine, but no movies during a 12 hours (day) flight when you sit between 2 relatively big people? How bad can it get?

But then my iPad came to the rescue, reminding me why I was so excited about this magnificent gadget when I just bought it a year ago:

Without any movie to watch, I managed to utilize most of the iPad goodness to pass the time: reading RSS feeds (in offline), playing different soccer games (management, KONAMI, and a different kind of soccer only iPad can propose), reading comics, going over some work 'todo's', presentations and excel files, playing some tower defense games, and more games, playing music on different instruments, and some more work using OmniOutliner which turned out to be the best iPad productivity app I've ever used.

Yes, the iPad games are not as addicting as computer games we used to play when we were young (or maybe it's me getting old…), and the touch-based controls are not as convenient as game-pads. Yes, using excel (Apple Numbers) is still very hard for me so even for productivity the tablet is not perfect yet.

But for working for hours, comfortably even in the middle sit of the plane, and doing so many different tasks in parallel – it's very close to being perfect.


The iPad saved me well that day and in fact, during the entire travel. I used it in many occasions, both work and pleasure, and all that time – I was not disappointed.

Perfect portability, endless apps list, tons of content, high usability and a battery that practically lasts forever. There's no wonder why Apple's iPad is holding over 80% of the tablets market share.

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Yosh said…
What part of this lovefest could a Xoom, Transformer or Tab2 not do?

Having said that I do enjoy my ipad2
I have some doubts about its size. It is oo big to fit the arm. But bigger screen is better for reding and video watching..