Copy/Paste is everywhere…

When I was a kid, me and my friends didn't have enough money to buy expensive clothes, so we used to walk with shoes and clothes by the brands Adido, Hike, Tuna, NAUI, which looked exactly like the original clothes except they weren't. I remember that one day, while riding a skateboard, one of my friends tried to stop and his shoe sole dropped, rubbing his exposed foot with the hot road (ouch).

Time went by and today I buy more gadgets than clothes (well, that's a lie. I actually have more clothes and shoes than my wife does…) and I see that copying continues.

Regardless to the patents war, companies continue to copy without shame.

While copy/paste is always a discussed feature in mobile platforms, copying (and almost pasting) capabilities and features is now a standard in mobile industry…

Introducing smart cover clone called… Smart Case… (how surprising).


This utterly blatant copy of the Smart Cover rapidly did the rounds of the tech blogs, and while it wasn’t made by Samsung, it appears to be made by a company called Anymode, which has close family links to Samsung. While this initial report said that Samsung had approved this shameless copy, giving it the “designed for Samsung Mobile” tag, Samsung has now disputed this.

Personally I don't like the smart cover at all. First of all, it doesn't protect the entire iPad, just the screen. Secondly, the collapse mode of it looks bad to me. I don't like it. In addition, it feels like it's going to fall every minute… it's just stuck there. I prefer the first generation black case that Apple made, which still serves me well.

But, as everyone are now using multi-touch, finger gestures, magnifying glass-like text pointers, compasses and other goodies invented by Apple – I guess this had to happen too.

How about copying the press meetings format too: having someone skinny and sick, dressed in an old jeans, black shirt, telling about the new features – that works for Apple – I wonder why Samsung, HTC and the others haven't tried that yet…


Everyone is indeed doing the copying thing these days. Some people just settle for them because of lesser price, but the quality should always be in question.
Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it!
That is really a nice idea. It's nice that they have thought about that kind of way. Thanks for sharing this information.